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Gabrielle Peterka



Q. When did you know you wanted to do hair?

A. My mum was a hairstylist so hair has always part of my life, but I didn’t completely fall in love with it until I was half way through hair school. One day I woke up and just knew that I never wanted to do anything else.

Q. Favourite colour?

A. Black on black on black.

Q. Favourite part of your job?

A. All of it? It is literally my job to help people feel beautiful, that is super satisfying. Being able to express myself creatively and help others express themselves is also pretty cool.

I love that it challenges me and that there is always room to grow and more to learn. Every day, I get to learn and become a better version of myself.

Some aspects of my day-to-day require serious focus, while others are freer and go with the flow-y, so I never feel stuck in a rut. There isn’t much I don’t love about being a stylist.
Q. Tell me something I don’t know about you?

A. I am passionate about my dislike for pineapples.
Q. What inspires you?

A. I’m easily inspired by the outdoors. Hot, rainy city streets that are steaming, or listening to the softness and rustling in a sunny field. I like going to the Art Gallery and imagining the hair version of the exhibits they have.
I’m lucky to have such a creative career where I can find inspiration in almost anything.
Q. What do you do when you aren’t doing hair?

A. I play a lot of Pokémon-GO.
Q. Coffee or tea?
A. Coffee.
Q. What hair trend is making a comeback?

A. Mullets. But a cool version of the mullet, not the jacked-up kind from the 80’s. These are reinvented as really funky and modern, you might not even realize you were looking at a mullet at first.
Q. What haircut best descibes your personality?

A. A bob with an undercut. I can be pretty serious and quiet, but there’s more to me than meets the eye.