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Brittany Houston



Q. When did you know you wanted to do hair?

A. I’ve always been passionate about fashion and art. At 23 I decided it was time to go back to school. I applied to university as a mature student (I wanted to be a lawyer) and didn’t get accepted. Next day I applied to the local hairstyling school. Within two weeks I fell in love. I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else now. I’m able to work with amazing people, be creative and listen to music all day. Life is good.


Q. What is your favourite part of your job?

A. Helping people feel confident and empowering them. If I can tweak the outside maybe the inside will get a boost too!


Q. Favourite colour?

A. Oxblood


Q. Tell me something I don’t know about you?

A. I can’t do a cartwheel or somersault to save my life!


Q. What inspires you?

A. People. People are fascinating. Music. I’m a classic rock junkie.


Q. What do you do when you aren’t doing hair?

A. Yoga
Keeping my cats alive
Trying to take over the world


Q. Coffee or tea?

A. Coffee. Strong. Two milk and one sugar!


Q. What hair trend is making a comeback?

A. I’m seeing a lot of different takes on the shag which is super awesome. There’s definitely some Bowie-esque inspiration happening.


Q. What haircut best describes your personality?

A. Blunt cut

Service Price**
Women’s Hair Cut $65
Men’s Hair Cut $40
Men’s Colour $70
Blowdry $49
Special Occasion Style $55
Updo Style $85
Bridal Style $95
Bridal Trial $60
Base Colour $75
Base Lightener $85
Single Foil Highlight* $23
Halo Highlights* $85
Partial Highlights* $110
Full Head Highlights* $125
Ombre/Balayage* $135

*service requires the application of a Toner ($30)
**All prices are starting prices, and are subject to change based on hair texture and length.